1941 Nash automobile

Sweep your eyes over the magnificent length of the 1941 Nash.
Feast your eyes on it sleek styling.

Words of love by the copywriter
for 1941 Nash automobiles


Nash promoted their entry into low-price car field with the creativity of a romantic copywriter who invited readers of this Life magazine advertisement to sweep and feast their eyes over the magnificent length of these 1941 Nash models featuring engines that purr and coil springs that made road bumps miraculously disappear. 

This double-page spread appeals to the imagination.  Nash promised the “sumptuous room and ride of a $1,200 automobile”, the “sheer delight to take a new Nash over the worst road you know”, and to save as much as $100 a year in gas, oil and touring costs. 

All of this and rear seat space that quickly converted into a big double bed!

The copywriter’s poetic description of the 1941 Nash
is reproduced below this illustration of the advertisement

The subhead
below the headline
summarizes the features of the 1941 Nash

  • 25 to 30 Miles per Gallon of Gasoline!
  • Flashing Pickup of New “Flying Scot” Engine!
  • Roomier than 1940 Cars Costing up to $200 More
  • A Coil Sprint Ride on All four Wheels!
  • New “unitized” Steel Body—Safer, Quieter
  • Improved Weather Eye Conditioned Air System…and Convertible Bed
  • Overall Economy Saves You $70 to $100 a Year!
Imagine —if You Can

This big 1941 Nash Sedan selling for the same
dollars you’D pay for an ordinary low-price car!

Designed and built —not for just 15 to 20 miles a gallon economy, but for a real 25 to 30!

Designed and built—not for minimum size and comfort —but to give you the sumptuous room and ride of a $1,200 automobile.

Designed and built—not simply to “match” the performance of its competitors—but for the thrill of your whole car-owning experience!

Here it is—Nash’s revolutionary lowest-priced car, three years in the making—designed and built as a unit—no “cut down” parts, no out-moded engineering.

Sweep your eyes over the magnificent length of it—the front seat that’s nearly five feet wide. Feast your eyes on it sleek styling…smartly two-toned, inside and out.

For the first time under $1,000—a “unitized” car. Body and frame are forever welded into one solid, safe, rattle-proof, twist-proof unit.

Beneath its hood purrs a new kind of car engine—the Manifold-sealed “Flying Scot”. Its terrific get-up-and-go…the smoothness of its radio-balanced crankshaft…are almost as phenomenal as its economy.

Never, in all your life, have you felt a car ride—or handle—like this!

 Here is the first car at its price with coil springs on all four wheels. The first car at any price with costly Two-way Ball-bearing Steering.

It is sheer delight to take a new Nash over the worst road you know…and feel how the bumps miraculously disappear…how staunchly you ride the sharpest curves.

In every feature you see evidence of millions of dollars of new Nash engineering. A new Weather-Eye System!  A Fourth Speed Forward that raises Nash economy as high as 32 miles a gallon, in engineering tests. The new 60-second Convertible Bed.

In every detail—the quality, the precision workmanship that mean Nash “long life”

Truthfully, it cannot be compared with the leading low-price cars you know—except in the matter of price.

Yet with all these revolutionary features, all this fine car features, all this fine car size and comfort, your savings—in gas, oil, and touring costs—may easily mean $100 a year to you!

Why consider any less modern automobile this year? Right now—for the sheer fun of it —go to your Nash dealer’s—get behind the wheel!


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